Benifits of Social Marketing

When looking into channels that could be important to focus on for your Social Media Marketing, you must understand the overall use case for that channel. Twitter, is a powerful tool for quick bits of knowledge and engagement. Twitter allows your company to use it as a support tool and engage with customers in a visual thread like format. You can use it as a tool to push out business updates and new releases. Or just an overall engagement tool to drum up new attention with your followers (Ward, S. (2019)).

Twitter comes stocked with great analytics like other social tools. One analytic that might be great when you are trying to determine what your followers would like to see is the interests that your followers are engaging with. From there you can see the overall percentage of the types of posts they are viewing and engaging with (How to use Twitter analytics. (n.d.)). You can see if your followers are only using their profile to reach out to companies, therefore resulting in using it as a support tool when something goes wrong. Are they more into videos, meaning you might want to post more video like content. The overall demographics of your users, age, and gender to be more specific (Newberry, C. (2019)).

The more obvious but just as important metric is seeing how each post is performing. By focusing on the engagement metrics you can use that to switch up your strategy if your numbers are not performing well. You can see what types of content with your posts are getting more engagements. Maybe its the tone of voice, the type of content you are posting, or its using fun gifs or graphics (Newberry, C. (2019)). You will not know if your strategy is working unless you review these analytics.

Twitter Analytics can let you determine what is a great time to post by understanding when your followers are online and engaging on twitter (Newberry, C. (2019)). This metric can help with your strategy so you can get the most engagements. Twitter also lets you know the more common basics like how your ads are performing, top tweets, and top followers. But another great one to review for overall reporting is the number of new followers and the results of your ads performance.

From understanding when your audience is online to increase engagement, twitter says that you can get higher engagement when you tie a post with an event or a holiday. There is an events dashboard in twitter that can help you determine trends with your followers and what holidays they tend to engage more in. This will help you with certain content you can tailor to gain more engagements (How to use Twitter analytics. (n.d.)).

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Role of Social Media

Instagram has started to move more in the ad space over the last few years. There are different levels of marketing that I have noticed with using Instagram. One, in particular, is the increase of Influencer marketing. There are a few accounts that I follow that I see the #ad in their captions or they are highlighting a particular product in their post, video or story. This type of marketing can make something seem a bit more human or more real, as I could be seeing something like me or who I respect using a product I could be interested in.

Another type of marketing that I see within Instagram is the use of paid ads. These ads are within the feed that I scroll through and are less invasive than Facebook ads have been. They look more like the posts that my friends or influencers that I follow. I have been known to look through the photos or if its something that I could be interested in, I will swipe up or click on the banner below the photo and review the website that pops up without taking me off of Instagram.

With their paid ads that are within the feed, there are story type ads that live within the Instagram stories. These videos you can see the sponsored piece in them, but while you are clicking through your friends’ stories, you then stumble across the video of this paid ad. With these I have just typically kept clicking through them, I rarely click on the ads or watch the entire story of that ad. I am usually just wanting to watch my friends’ stories, whereas the ads in my feed I am more likely to take my time looking at them.

Outside of the influencers and the paid advertising, I also find that some of the marketing companies but also friends, using consistent and catchy hashtags. These are something that can populate on a listening tool and used to search for a photo or trend really easy. This is a way for brands or friends to gain more followers, likes, or more engagements on the post. But also to gain the attention of the brand, so a brand can use that photo in their marketing. If it is a trend that I am not aware of or a catchy hashtag, I will click on that hashtag and scroll through other photos that have used it.

Marketing Implications

With Social media being a massive component to marketing for today, it is imperative to know what works for your target market. Social Media allows you to do this, learn, maybe fail, and then succeed in gaining those sales or clicks to a site. For understanding marketing implications, I chose Facebook. Facebook is one of the most used social platforms to date, but its also the one that you can do so many different tactics with marketing.

Facebook is technically free for all of its 2 Billion users (The Real Effect of Running a Facebook Ad Campaign in 5 Charts. (n.d.)). But if you are wanting to gain more insights, have a higher reach and hopefully generate brand awareness or sales, you should be using the different tools Facebook Advertising gives you. Facebook allows you to do things as simple as putting money to a post called Boosting a post. But it also generates full ads that come with additional insights for you to learn within your social.

With Facebook ads, you can easily see an increase with your reach, clicks, page follows, and overall engagement within your posts and pages. Since I have worked in the world of social media in the past, I have an appreciation for great ads, I know the work that goes into those. But I also get annoyed with ads that are quite pointless and are honestly clickbait.

A great example of a facebook ad recently that I clicked on was Barkbox. I seriously admire their social media team, and I follow them on Instagram. So of course I was going to get an ad on Facebook about their most recent oops. They had made a toy that had gotten some well, mixed results especially on social media. This ad was to a blog post highlighting their oops and humanizing it by showing a video of their team identifying different dog toys (Grissom, S. (2019)). But what I loved the most about this ad, was the comment section. Getting to see Barkbox’s social media team use comic relief and a fun play on words to relieve the fact that their audience thought this toy was an intimate toy for a dog that resembled a human’s intimate toy.

You do not see many ads like this with a brand owning up to a very large mistake, but it made me consider signing up again with that brand. I admired how they handled the entire situation and turned a big mistake into something that people then wanted just because of what it meant. Not all ads are this great, but making sure you publish more than a clickbait title to something that doesn’t fit the title, I am sure you will catch my attention, but only if you put the effort in your post.

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3-1 Market Segmentation

Before you can build your campaign for the product or service you are creating, certain aspects can perform better if you have identified your target market or known as market segmentation. There are tools you can use to help identify that but some can just be a simple google search.

The best technique is to identify which type of segmentation that fits best with your product or service. The most common one is demographic, which is based on location, age, education, and gender. There is Psychographic which is another common one, it’s based on attitudes, values, personality traits . Then there is Behavioral and that is based on the collective behavior of the user, the types of products they use, their purchase decision. And finally Firmographic, this one is mainly based on the type of industry and size of the company (What is Market Segmentation? (n.d.)).

Depending on the type of data you have within your company, using cluster analysis is great to understand your overall customer and determine the best segmentation for your campaign (Wagner, N. (2017)). There are different types of software that you can collect this data from, some of the more common data is a CRM that contains all of the activity of your customer’s lifecycle. There is software that can collect customer feedback which tells you more about an unbias look on your customer. From getting that data, you can locate behavioral, psychographic and demographic. You could also gain firmographic from clustering if your customer base is b2b.

Another great tool that can help you in understanding your market segment is using web analytics, more so google analytics (4 Types of Market Segmentation With Examples. (2019)). This lets you again, see into more of the demographics but more specifically with those who interact with your website. This helps you in being specific and making sure that you are creating a campaign that is more specific to the audience that is interacting with your site. Google Analytics also lets you see into the behavior of your customer base. It lets you know what of your website they spend more time on, what got them to your site and what pages they review (4 Types of Market Segmentation With Examples. (2019)).

Web analytics can also be used with social sites related analytics. Facebook allows you to see into the demographic that is interacting with your social posts, the number of clicks that your site can receive, Facebook allows you to track that from its site. Any ad or post that you runs has a way to be tracked since there are demographics on most people’s pages, it helps you gauge the average age and location they are. Then using that you can create specific targeting with social media.

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Uber – Legal woes and consumer distrust

Uber has had its fair share of legal woes especially in 2007. One of the biggest oops for Uber was during the taxi strike where taxi drivers refused to pick people up from the JFK airport. Uber tweeted saying that they would drop their surge pricing as a result so people can ride without the higher cost. Someone took that as Uber using the protest as an opportunity to make more money and the hashtag “deleteuber” went viral.

Although its largest impact was the day of the protests when Uber was preparing for its IPO, they had to disclose the impact from that hashtag. They lost over 200,000 riders who were deleting the app and no longer using them (Leskin, P. (2019)). They admitted publically that their brand reputation is what could sink the company if they do not fix things. Lyft admittedly said that they saw a benefit from this with their shares rising and seeing an increase in app downloads with riders from this (Leskin, P. (2019)). But overall this created large distrust in the company.

This wasn’t the only legal woe though, for Uber, they had an employee that same month tweet about how she was sexually harassed and dealt with gender bias while working there. Then a video is shared with the co-founder miss treating a driver while taking an Uber ride, this video resulted in the co-founder to step down from the company making Dara Khosrowshahi the new CEO (Luckerson, V. (2017)).

Overall this leaves people to not trust Uber. I actually don’t use Uber because of their issues. Between not doing background checks on their drivers, to drivers sexually assaulting riders, not many feel comfortable riding with Uber. The legal issues go further though with their soon to be IPO. Uber has to disclose publically all of their legal battles, including ones that are ongoing and pending. There have been early investors who wrote letters about Uber’s unethical ways.

Uber has started to try and come out on top from their legal issues. Their new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, has been running all of the cleanups. He has gone through and changed management and policies (Bond, S. (2019)). They have been settling a lot of their legal cases, paying out millions within each one of them. With Uber becoming a public company, they should work on being more transparent about what goes on within their company and their decisions. This lack of trust and transparency will keep them from hiring the best employees, keeping decent drivers, and having loyal riders.

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Target’s Brand Positioning

“Payless, Expect More”, that is the slogan, the statement, and the overall practice that Target lives by (Marketing strategy of Target Corporation (2018)). You know from that statement that you can expect to get something with quality at a decent price and love it.

When it comes to marketing, Target is known for its bright pops of color and the red bullseye logo. They have a cute dog wearing the Target logo named Bullseye. Target created its brand back in the 1960s when they renamed to Target Corporation and have fully embraced it. They created a discount service called Cartwheel and rebranded their app and with Cartwheel offered Circle. So whether you are instore or shopping through the app, you can use Circle to offer exclusive discounts, Cartwheel is great while instore offering special digital coupons, and through the app, you can gain 1% back on purchases when scanning at checkout. The whole Circle initiative brings together that Target is the place you go to “Payless, Expect More”.

In 2018 Target started to really push the envelope in making well-priced items accessible. They pushed more of the free 2-day shipping online to combat with Amazon, they have drive up, you can pick up in store within 2 hours of your order, they even work with Shipt for same day groceries and essentials (target-announces-plans (n.d)). So not only allowing the discounts offered through their app but making it easy to shop with them, which in return makes the overall experience great to shop with them.

Target has been successful with their branding and to continue with their slogan, they now offer many brands that are curated by them or great partnerships with luxury brands to make items sold exclusively at target and at target prices (target-announces-plans (n.d.)). When you wear something from target whether it’s shoes or clothing, people ask where you got it from. You then say “It’s from Target” people are excited because they might be able to find it, and they agree that Target has the cutest stuff and the best prices.

If you look at how Target named themselves in 1962, they created the branding around the idea that “As a marksman’s goal is to hit the center bulls-eye, the new store would do much the same in terms of retail goods, services, commitment to the community, price, value, and overall experience.”(Target-through-the-years (n.d)). Target was built to be an all in one discount store. If there is one thing you can see dating back from 1962 to now in 2019, they have not distanced themselves far from the original idea. Branding does best when you find something that people respond to and you stick with it. Changing your branding too much could result in customers being confused as to what you are selling. Target obviously simplified their message to be “payless, expect more” as that is a much catchier slogan, but its always been their mission since 1962.

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Corporate Social Responsibility – Ben & Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s was founded in 1978 and in 1985, they offered their employees stock and decided to contribute 7.5% to a foundation. They created a business that wanted to do more than just make great ice cream. Their mission statement is: To make the world’s best ice cream, have sustainable financial growth and to make the world a better place (Gelles, D. (2015)).

Ben and Jerry’s although they were acquired by Unilever in 2000, they have never strayed from their original mission statement. They strive to make sure they have the best ingredients in their ice cream by using fair trade ingredients. They pushed to support labeling when food was made with non-GMO ingredients (Ben & Jerry’s Corporate Social Responsibility. (n.d.)). Their eggs are cage-free and they even set up a program for their dairy farmers to continuously improve sustainable agricultural practices on their farms. It is a voluntary program, but Ben & Jerry’s will compensate those who participate in the Caring Dairy program (Caring Dairy | Ben & Jerry’s. (n.d.)).

Social Responsibility goes further than sourcing better ingredients, its also about their employees and the community. Unfortunately, when they were acquired by Unilever, they did have to lay off about 100 employees when before that, they hardly fired anyone (Gelles, D. (2015)). But Ben and Jerry’s has built and funded many Grant programs, built “the Foundation” for its employees and pushed for social responsibility programs (Ben & Jerry’s Corporate Social Responsibility. (n.d.)). Ben and Jerry’s has donated 1.8 million dollars annually to The Foundation in grants to organizations who qualify around Vermont and in America. There is also a matching program up to $2000 a year to encourage employees to donate to any cause they feel necessary (Ben & Jerry’s Corporate Social Responsibility. (n.d.)).

The company has also been involved in many social causes like rock the vote in 2004, drilling is not the answer, leaving no child behind, truth or clone with cloning food (Causes Ben & Jerry’s (n.d.)). Since reducing a company’s carbon footprint is the next big movement for socially responsible companies. The Dairy industry produces a lot of methane from the manure with the animals. They worked with Native Energy to create a way to help separate the solid manure, then dry it and turn into bedding for the cows. This helps the farmers spend less money on the bedding and it reduces the methane that would get into the atmosphere (Cooper, J. (2019)).

In 2015, many migrant workers who work on Ben and Jerry’s dairy suppliers farms had been seeking better treatment. Using the momentum of other farming industries push to treat workers better, there was a protest outside of Ben and Jerry’s headquarters requesting that they create a code of conduct that they would require their farmers to follow. This code of conduct would result in seven days vacation days a year, improved housing and one day a week off. Wages for workers on farms are below the national average for hourly workers and this movement would in return help improve their wages. An organization Migrant Justice who was behind organizing the protest was able to sign an agreement to create the code of conduct with Ben and Jerry’s. They sought to create better standards for the workers because you are only as good as your worst supplier. Although this will not be a quick fix, the workers do see hope with the code of conduct and Milk with Dignity standards (Greenhouse, S. (2017)).

Personally I feel that even with the acquisition, Ben and Jerry’s has done everything they can do within their power to push for social goodness. Unilever agreed to allow Ben and Jerry’s to run almost as its own company, they have an external board with Ben and Jerry employees to prevent “middle management” to change their social initiatives and with the right to sue Unilever if needed. They became a b corp, pay more than double minimum wage for their employees, and recently launched a flavor to raise awareness for climate change (Gelles, D. (2015)). They are not a company that I feel is “green” for the profit but will continue to push for supporting social change and the environment.


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Top dog vs Underdog

When evaluating how competitors are doing their own market strategy and seeing if this is a space you can come in to become a competitor, you should look at the differences within the competition. One way to do that is by looking at the “Top Dog” and the “Underdog” in that space

Most Top Dog companies have plenty of budgets to use for any testing with new campaigns, they also have a pretty budget to use celebrities and making their marketing standout. One way that the Top Dog companies try to prevent newcomers in the market space is by having the customer think “you get what you pay for” or they use their brand loyalty to stomp out the competition (Kardes, F. Consumer Behavior, 2e. [MBS Direct]). They try to make it seem like you will always get better value if you stick with the company you know best, which in this case would be the Top Dog. By using confirmation bias, they are able to gain better spots in the grocery store, or customers knowing that this is the only brand they will use because of values. So long as its X brand, it doesn’t matter what you buy from them, because you trust that brand.

When an underdog comes into play, they might not have the same budget as the Top Dogs. Most of the time they are just looking at ways to penetrate the market without there being too large of an investment. The way to do this is to come off as the disrupter in the space they are competing in. A lot of underdogs will do blind comparison tests to show that their product is actually better than the larger competitor (Kardes, F. Consumer Behavior, 2e. [MBS Direct]). Pricing the item lower may not always help, so in having the customer try out the differences will gain the attraction of a new buyer and have them switch.

Some of the best campaigns for underdogs would be to make your product relatable, pick the target market that works best and most likely you will not have to create something flashy because you are using someone that is an everyday person (Jamie Gutfreund (2015)). With that, another campaign is using influencers, someone that your demographic is watching or paying attention to, this applies to the word of mouth which for instance Millenials prefer when it comes to purchasing something (What is DEMOGRAPHY? (2016)). This could become a viral product, therefore, overshadowing the top dog. Another great option is within disrupting the market space, beer doesn’t have to come from just two places. With Craft beer it went from a hobby to a great trend, therefore overshadowing the large breweries. They made something that was relatable to their demographic showed it was something that sparked from creativity and wanted to share with others in a community space.

For myself it depends on what I am purchasing whether or not I would go for an underdog or the top dog. In most foods, if I am willing to try it, I would go for the one that tastes the best for the least amount of money therefore sometimes going for the underdog. In vehicles, I know what I grew up with, a Ford SUV, it will take a lot of work to gain my trust with another type of vehicle because I know what it takes to fix my ford and I have trusted mechanics for when things go wrong. I fall just barely under the Millenial demographic, we go by what is cost-effective, and what company shares my values. Sometimes the Top Dog would be a large corporation which in recent times and politics, are not in peoples favor therefore picking the Underdog (Jamie Gutfreund (2015)). Older generations I think would stick with what they know and trust, resulting in mostly the Top Dog companies. I do believe that the underdog vs the top dog battle will always be different depending on the demographic (What is DEMOGRAPHY? (2016)).


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SMART goals

When setting up a marketing strategy it is best to understand what your goals are and what you need to do to accomplish them. A goal is something that you want as an outcome but should be tangible and where you can build a strategy to make it happen. In building the strategy you must know that it is how you will obtain or achieve that goal. Once you have the strategy you then will build out what tactics you will use in order to achieve an objective identified within that strategy.

In building your smart goals, it helps to break down what each letter means:

  • Specific – Picking one specific unit to measure as a metric
  • Measurable – After identifying that metric, making sure you know how to measure the performance of that metric
  • Attainable – making sure that these goals and metrics are things that you are able to reach
  • Relevant – Making sure that your goals are in tune with your companies objectives, goals, and aspirations
  • Time Bound – Giving your goal a timeline to reach

Using the SMART goal method will help in developing what marketing strategies are best to reach these goals. It is meant to keep your ideas in check to create long-lasting and successful campaigns. Without organization, you might have an idea but have no clue how to reach it or what the metrics pertaining to ROI on that investment is. This method is meant to spark questions so you do not create something that is not attainable or it’s not reliable to your company. Some of the questions to think about when building your goals are; How can I measure this goal, what tactics will we use to measure the goal? Does this goal align with our business vision and values? How long can we expect this strategy will take in order to reach the goal? Can we keep this timeline without going over budget?

Once you have the goals and have an idea of how to get there, you then need to focus on the tactics and how you are going to execute that strategy to meant the goal. Some great examples are using your partnerships within your content to help gain some visibility. Tieing in your new product with an intro of something that people may recognize you with. Using Facebook to gather a following by encouraging your local customers to like you on facebook and share their reviews, in hopes to gain visibility from their friends.

The best way to measure some of these are using KPIs, these will help you stay focused on what is important to your goal, but these are actual items to measure for your ROI. When you do not have a large budget for marketing, focusing on your organic social media following. With social media, you have your followers, likes, comments, and engagements for Facebook. Twitter, on the other hand, you pay attention to your mentions, followers and those who are engaging with your posts. Noting that likes tend to be more of a vanity metric and the better ones to pay attention to are your engagements because these are people actively engaging in your posts, which can show “stickiness”. Email marketing is still a great tactic to this day in reaching new audiences and attracting attention back to your website or gaining feedback from your customers. You can track this by pointing out the number of clicks per campaign, the open rate of the email, where they are clicking through and the number of subscribers from your website.


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Marketing Segmentation: “Where do we go from here?”

In the article Under Armour’s Wilful Digital Moves, they saw an opportunity to grow their business and to become more competitive with their well-known competitors like Nike and Adidas. Under Armour noticed that they only had a small percentage of sales coming from Females, so they wanted to grow their female market. Within the Female market, their campaign was set for a global reach focusing on how women overcome the negative. This was a very broad segment to focus on. The next segment that Under Armour was going to focus on was the females who had certain interests within specific athletic activities like yoga or pilates to grow the workout fashion (Under Armour’s Willful Digital Moves (n.d.)).

Some of the strategies that Under Armour used was a multichannel digital marketing campaign, with a youtube video using a well-known ballet dancer Misty Copeland. In the video, she talked about her story as to how she was told to have the wrong body for ballet and she continued to dance through the rest of the video. Another strategy used for the campaign “I will what I want” was using Gisele Bundchen in a partnership. This resulted in a lot of backlashes which Under Armour then used to its advantage with a video of her boxing while the negative comments surrounded her. Other strategies used by other companies consisted of using celebrities and more realistic women which both saw a great return while celebrities can pose a risk if there is something negative in the spotlight (Under Armour’s Willful Digital Moves (n.d.)).

Strategies to think about while using segmentation is while you want to use a larger pool for reach, you also do not want to keep it too broad as that would muddy up your metrics. You also want to think about keeping your marketing and product launch to another subcategory like an activity or interests that your market may prefer (Market Strategy Segmentation Solutions (2018)). This allows you to truly reach the people who would then convert into purchasing your product.

A recent marketing campaign that caught my eye was that Target is expanding their bra line, like how they expanded their bathing suits to include a more inclusive sizing. For this market, you can easily get broad and just allow the segmentation for women. But to really draw attention to the fact that Target is now carrying larger sizes to fit all types of women, they would need to focus on the psychographic segmentation (Market Strategy Segmentation Solutions (2018)). Using personality types and interests to help drive the attention to this new product line. Also using demographics, because Target’s price point is less than Victoria Secret, marketing to college students and middle-income women will gain traction.


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