SMART goals

When setting up a marketing strategy it is best to understand what your goals are and what you need to do to accomplish them. A goal is something that you want as an outcome but should be tangible and where you can build a strategy to make it happen. In building the strategy you must know that it is how you will obtain or achieve that goal. Once you have the strategy you then will build out what tactics you will use in order to achieve an objective identified within that strategy.

In building your smart goals, it helps to break down what each letter means:

  • Specific – Picking one specific unit to measure as a metric
  • Measurable – After identifying that metric, making sure you know how to measure the performance of that metric
  • Attainable – making sure that these goals and metrics are things that you are able to reach
  • Relevant – Making sure that your goals are in tune with your companies objectives, goals, and aspirations
  • Time Bound – Giving your goal a timeline to reach

Using the SMART goal method will help in developing what marketing strategies are best to reach these goals. It is meant to keep your ideas in check to create long-lasting and successful campaigns. Without organization, you might have an idea but have no clue how to reach it or what the metrics pertaining to ROI on that investment is. This method is meant to spark questions so you do not create something that is not attainable or it’s not reliable to your company. Some of the questions to think about when building your goals are; How can I measure this goal, what tactics will we use to measure the goal? Does this goal align with our business vision and values? How long can we expect this strategy will take in order to reach the goal? Can we keep this timeline without going over budget?

Once you have the goals and have an idea of how to get there, you then need to focus on the tactics and how you are going to execute that strategy to meant the goal. Some great examples are using your partnerships within your content to help gain some visibility. Tieing in your new product with an intro of something that people may recognize you with. Using Facebook to gather a following by encouraging your local customers to like you on facebook and share their reviews, in hopes to gain visibility from their friends.

The best way to measure some of these are using KPIs, these will help you stay focused on what is important to your goal, but these are actual items to measure for your ROI. When you do not have a large budget for marketing, focusing on your organic social media following. With social media, you have your followers, likes, comments, and engagements for Facebook. Twitter, on the other hand, you pay attention to your mentions, followers and those who are engaging with your posts. Noting that likes tend to be more of a vanity metric and the better ones to pay attention to are your engagements because these are people actively engaging in your posts, which can show “stickiness”. Email marketing is still a great tactic to this day in reaching new audiences and attracting attention back to your website or gaining feedback from your customers. You can track this by pointing out the number of clicks per campaign, the open rate of the email, where they are clicking through and the number of subscribers from your website.


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I am a marketing student for SNHU, I also work in tech under customer experience. This site will mainly be used for blogs that I write for school projects

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