Benifits of Social Marketing

When looking into channels that could be important to focus on for your Social Media Marketing, you must understand the overall use case for that channel. Twitter, is a powerful tool for quick bits of knowledge and engagement. Twitter allows your company to use it as a support tool and engage with customers in a visual thread like format. You can use it as a tool to push out business updates and new releases. Or just an overall engagement tool to drum up new attention with your followers (Ward, S. (2019)).

Twitter comes stocked with great analytics like other social tools. One analytic that might be great when you are trying to determine what your followers would like to see is the interests that your followers are engaging with. From there you can see the overall percentage of the types of posts they are viewing and engaging with (How to use Twitter analytics. (n.d.)). You can see if your followers are only using their profile to reach out to companies, therefore resulting in using it as a support tool when something goes wrong. Are they more into videos, meaning you might want to post more video like content. The overall demographics of your users, age, and gender to be more specific (Newberry, C. (2019)).

The more obvious but just as important metric is seeing how each post is performing. By focusing on the engagement metrics you can use that to switch up your strategy if your numbers are not performing well. You can see what types of content with your posts are getting more engagements. Maybe its the tone of voice, the type of content you are posting, or its using fun gifs or graphics (Newberry, C. (2019)). You will not know if your strategy is working unless you review these analytics.

Twitter Analytics can let you determine what is a great time to post by understanding when your followers are online and engaging on twitter (Newberry, C. (2019)). This metric can help with your strategy so you can get the most engagements. Twitter also lets you know the more common basics like how your ads are performing, top tweets, and top followers. But another great one to review for overall reporting is the number of new followers and the results of your ads performance.

From understanding when your audience is online to increase engagement, twitter says that you can get higher engagement when you tie a post with an event or a holiday. There is an events dashboard in twitter that can help you determine trends with your followers and what holidays they tend to engage more in. This will help you with certain content you can tailor to gain more engagements (How to use Twitter analytics. (n.d.)).

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I am a marketing student for SNHU, I also work in tech under customer experience. This site will mainly be used for blogs that I write for school projects

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