Target’s Brand Positioning

“Payless, Expect More”, that is the slogan, the statement, and the overall practice that Target lives by (Marketing strategy of Target Corporation (2018)). You know from that statement that you can expect to get something with quality at a decent price and love it.

When it comes to marketing, Target is known for its bright pops of color and the red bullseye logo. They have a cute dog wearing the Target logo named Bullseye. Target created its brand back in the 1960s when they renamed to Target Corporation and have fully embraced it. They created a discount service called Cartwheel and rebranded their app and with Cartwheel offered Circle. So whether you are instore or shopping through the app, you can use Circle to offer exclusive discounts, Cartwheel is great while instore offering special digital coupons, and through the app, you can gain 1% back on purchases when scanning at checkout. The whole Circle initiative brings together that Target is the place you go to “Payless, Expect More”.

In 2018 Target started to really push the envelope in making well-priced items accessible. They pushed more of the free 2-day shipping online to combat with Amazon, they have drive up, you can pick up in store within 2 hours of your order, they even work with Shipt for same day groceries and essentials (target-announces-plans (n.d)). So not only allowing the discounts offered through their app but making it easy to shop with them, which in return makes the overall experience great to shop with them.

Target has been successful with their branding and to continue with their slogan, they now offer many brands that are curated by them or great partnerships with luxury brands to make items sold exclusively at target and at target prices (target-announces-plans (n.d.)). When you wear something from target whether it’s shoes or clothing, people ask where you got it from. You then say “It’s from Target” people are excited because they might be able to find it, and they agree that Target has the cutest stuff and the best prices.

If you look at how Target named themselves in 1962, they created the branding around the idea that “As a marksman’s goal is to hit the center bulls-eye, the new store would do much the same in terms of retail goods, services, commitment to the community, price, value, and overall experience.”(Target-through-the-years (n.d)). Target was built to be an all in one discount store. If there is one thing you can see dating back from 1962 to now in 2019, they have not distanced themselves far from the original idea. Branding does best when you find something that people respond to and you stick with it. Changing your branding too much could result in customers being confused as to what you are selling. Target obviously simplified their message to be “payless, expect more” as that is a much catchier slogan, but its always been their mission since 1962.

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